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Buy 1 box (which contains 4 wraps) and get 1 box (which contains 4 wraps) for FREE!

Saba Transform Body Wrap and Body Cream are infused with a powerful synergistic blend of over 35 different nourishing ingredients to improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and contour in problem area. Apply to your thighs, stomach, arms, love handles or any other external body parts. For maximum results hydrate with water during use.

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Inch Loss at it's best

My first time using a body wrap and wow what an experience !!

I measured my waist before using this product, it was quite cold when i put it on. I secured it with cling film and waited 45 mins. It smells lovely. When i took it off and measured myself again i was like OMG 3 inches gone just like that !!!

I will defo be telling all my friends and family about this product. I know use these when i want to get into my little black dress ;-)

Love love

Second time customer been using for a month loss 10 inches in total do happy


As I am a product of the product 'I have tried one and got good results losing a few inches around my tomm y ,easy to use even has a nice smell a bit like peppermint, take the wrap out of the packet unfold apply to the appropriate area and secure with Cling Film to keep it in place ,first time when you use it just do it for 45 minutes, then second time leave over night

Value for money


I'm actually very shocked on this product I used one wrap over night and omg I lost 4 inches while I slept I've always had big problem with losing weight do thought give these a try was very special about them but it actually does do what says on packet so glad I was introduced to this product